Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we hire a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines?

Filipinos are recognized for having a significant pool of exceptionally talented, fluent English speakers with a strong work ethic, a focus on the needs of their clients, and a high degree of adaptability. It is a great option for companies in all kinds of industries who are looking for effective and efficient virtual support because it combines talent with convenience.

What are the advantages of using Virtual Business/Medical Staffing versus looking for a candidate myself?

For companies looking for dependable and effective staffing solutions, partnering with  us is proven beneficial, for we have a talented and experienced human resources team that listens to our clients needs and vets that talent based on the scope of work. Our Virtual Assistants’ are actual employees of Virtual Business/Medical Staffing and are not independent contractors.

How does Virtual Business/Medical Staffing screen for the best candidate?

Our recruitment process involves a team of proficient and knowledgeable recruiters who carefully evaluate potential candidates. In order to ensure that only the most qualified candidates are given consideration, we thoroughly review resumes, hold panel interviews, and evaluate candidates' skills and qualifications in accordance with the particular needs and requirements of our clients.

What services can I outsource?

Administrative, accounting, digital marketing, advanced customer support, content writing, human resources, training and development services, and similar services are just a few of the services we provide. Tell us what you require, and we will look for options that will work best for you.

What is the best way to manage my offshore staff?

Your virtual assistant is considered an integral member of your company’s team and your great culture. They could be managed in the same way as a direct report employee. Moreover, we have technical processes in place to ensure employee attendance, KPI's, etc.

How do I track staff activity?

We encourage establishing precise performance and execution standards in accordance with your company's policies. Open communication is a must. Virtual Business/Medical Staffing has a client liaison readily available to help you in any case you need a partner on our end.

What is the available working hour for your Virtual Assistants?

Our virtual assistants are flexible and can work in accordance with the specific needs of our clients, so they can accommodate various time zones.

What measures are in place to ensure security, privacy, and confidentiality?

We see to it that specific safeguards for confidentiality, privacy, and security are put in place. We enforce stringent confidentiality protocols and require our virtual assistants to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). To further protect sensitive data, we use data protection procedures and secure communication channels.

What are the pricing and payment terms?

Hourly rates are drafted based on the required job title/position. Our partners save 50-70% of their hiring expenses as compared to their expenses for the same position in the US. Payment terms are outlined in the contract: a flat hourly rate, no additional fees. Furthermore, Virtual Business/Medical Staffing provides coverage for all employee benefits.

What happens if I'm not happy with my VA?

Our approach prioritizes coaching individuals before holding them accountable. We encourage you to adhere to your company's guidelines for coaching employees. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact our client liaison.

What if I need additional VA's for my business?

For additional virtual assistant needs, you may contact our corporate recruiting team at carla@virtualbusinessstafiing.com or carmina@virtualbusinessstafiing.com.

How soon can I have them onboard?

We can provide you with a virtual assistant that you require as soon as you need it.

What is the minimum number of staff I can employ?

We will assess your company's needs according to the information you provide, and there is no minimum requirement.

How much can I save by partnering with Virtual Business/Medical Staffing?

You can reduce your current payroll expenses by 50–70%.

Can I hire part time VA's?

Yes, we can provide a part time virtual assistant, however, with a minimum requirement of 32-34 working hours per week.

What additional benefits can I give my VA's?

You can acknowledge and reward them just like you would with your local team. You are welcome to contact our client liaison for any reward and recognition incentives that you wish to provide to your virtual assistant.

Can I cancel my virtual assistant service anytime?

A standard 30 day notice is required, as outlined in the client contract.

Are your contracts short term or long term?

Term limits do not apply after the formal 30-day notice period.

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