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Back Office Outsourcing to the Philippines
Ready to grow your back-office? Outsource your support roles to the Philippines and scale up your team fast

If you don’t have the time to pursue new business goals, Back Office Outsourcing is your solution

Do you ever feel like you are stretched to the breaking point in your business? Is your in-house team too small to handle the growing pressures and ever-increasing workload? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may need back office support.

Outsourcing your back office means that the lower-level, repetitive everyday tasks can be taken care of by supporting staff. This frees up more time for your staff to handle the high-level, important tasks.

Back office outsourcing to the Philippines includes administrative and repetitive tasks like:

  • Data Analysis and Management
  • Workforce Management
  • HR, Recruitment, and Training
  • Finance, Accounting, and Payroll
  • Personal Assistance
  • Marketing

When you get started with back office outsourcing, the first thing you will need to do is appoint an Executive Assistant to each executive staff member. These virtual assistants will help free up significant time for each executive team member to focus on big-picture projects.

Next, you can set up virtual back office teams that are each dedicated to a certain function within your business. For example, you may have an offshore finance team supporting your local finance department, and offshore market analysts/market researchers supporting your in-house marketing team.

These back-office teams will devote their time to supporting your head office in anything it needs. Since you’ll have dedicated teams, they will truly get to know your company and your business goals. These teams usually include a manager, a team leader, and at least 2-3 support agents. Most companies choose to start small and grow their teams over time, which is easy to do when you work with us at Virtual Business Staffing!

Outsource Back Office Tasks to the Philippines

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