Strengthened with a passion for efficiency, commitment, and solicitude, we at Virtual Medical and Business Staffing have withstood the test of time. Founded in 2018, then, Virtual Medical Staffing, or what we also call, VMS started with only 7 virtual assistants for a mobile doctor’s company. Fueled by dedication, loyalty, and hard work, these 7 people spearheaded the now +200 employees. What started as a single-client company has now expanded to 10 active clients. Our virtual assistants provide services ranging from the medical field to any type of business. Virtual Medical Staffing has now grown to Virtual Medical AND Business Staffing. We make sure to cover all bases with only the industry’s best.

Our mission is to be the leading virtual Assistant Staffing Solution for all industries across the board and all around the world. We want to help small, medium, and even large businesses maximize their potential by providing them with staff who are efficient, professional, and committed. In the future, we will see technology smoothly incorporated into daily life, easing daily tasks and accelerating economic growth. We make an effort to streamline all tasks, increase productivity, and create a seamless virtual/digital experience to enable our clients to concentrate on what matters.

At VMBS, we take pride in what we believe in and what we strive for:

Cost Effective

                We have eliminated the need for an on-site staff and all associated overhead costs to run your business. Our Virtual Medicals Assistants grant your practice significant cost savings while elevating your overall business quality. No COMPROMISES, as simple as that.

Limitless Collaboration

                We are the extension of your team. With crystal-clear communication channels, as well as cutting-edge collaborative tools, VMS facilitates seamless interaction, and production that exceeds expectations and synergized project management.

Local Touch

                Your team will be diverse and at an advantage. We cater to your business needs anytime, anywhere. Operates in various time zones and languages. We have you covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Unmatched Reliability

                Consistency is key. We always deliver the highest quality of work within agreed-upon schedules and timelines. Count on us to provide nothing but the best-in-class quality control processes that guarantee exceptional output.

Scalable Business Advantage

                We’re your one-stop shop! Whether you’re a startup looking to offload tasks or an enterprise seeking to optimize processes, VMS is the one for you! Our solutions and services are uniquely designed to scale as your business grows.

Specifically Tailored 1 of 1 Solution

                Every business is unique. That undeniable fact is what drives us to work closely with you and specifically tailor our solutions to align with your specific goals and requirements.

Top-Tier Business Data Security

                Security above all. The confidentiality of your information is the foundation of trust that will never be broken. We take pride in our top-tier data security ensuring that your sensitive data remains safe.

Work-Life Balance

                We strive to empower all forms of business equilibrium that only a few can achieve. Allow us to handle your business and nurture it to its maximum potential so you can focus more on what is important, enjoying life.

Above all, we have the greatest staff in the entire universe. We have employees who have been with us from the beginning and continue to do so in every step that we take. We are confident that we can deliver all that is asked of us by our clients because our team knows loyalty and hard work. “We Can” is our mindset, and the only way for us is up. The growth of VMS to VMBS is solid proof that we have perfected the synergy of a client-staff relationship, and it will only get better.